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The man in the business suit.
Cornelius McGillicuddy, Sr., never wore a uniform; he was always seen in the dugout wearing a starched white shirt, a three-piece suit, necktie, topped off with a bowler or sometimes a classic Italian Boater (straw hat).

His habit of directing his players on the field by waving his scorecard earned him the title "10th Man on the Field." Whatever his particular style, Connie Mack had a knack for creating a winning team.

Mack is the longest-serving manager in MLB history; he holds records for wins (3,731), losses (3,948), and games managed (7,755).

He managed the Philadelphia Athletics for the club's first 50 seasons, before retiring at age 87 following the 1950 season.

Connie Mack was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1937.
Connie Mack in the Dugout
Connie Mack confers with Ira Thomas, catcher,
and Stuffy Mcinnis, infielder, circa 1915
Connie Mack in the Dugout
Mr. Mack in the dugout.
Note the scorecard in his right hand.
He's about to wave the scorecard
to move his outfielders around.
American League Allstars, 1933
The 1933 American League All-Star team
Comiskey Park Chicago, July 6, 1933
Standing, Far Left:  Lou Gehrig;  Second From Left:  Babe Ruth;  Manager, Connie Mack,  

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